4 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting a Project

Your house is not a residence, it’s a home. Obviously, you will want your home to look at its best and constructing a new patio, an outdoor area, or even a new driveway will brighten your home. However, before you begin your endeavor into looking for a contractor, there are a few items you need to consider when searching and we want to provide you with four common mistakes that should be avoided when starting a project.

Hiring A Contractor That is Not licensed and Insured

Building a new outdoor space or redoing your walkway can be expensive. To save costs on construction, clients are sometimes more inclined to hire an unlicensed contractor; however, hiring an unlicensed contractor can leave you at risk legally and financially. Hiring a contractor who does not have a license can leave you liable for injuries on the job site, lead to an increase in construction mistakes, and can result in fines by the state. Clients who hire an unlicensed contractor are not eligible to receive the “Virginia Contractor Transaction Recovery Fund”. This is a monetary safeguard for homeowners from mistakes or negligence during construction by contractors and allows clients to receive claims up to $20,000. It is important for you to not only seek out contractors with licenses and workers compensation permits, but ensure the documentation is official. How do you check if a contractor is licensed with your county or state? You can simply ask. The Virginia Board for Contractors implore homeowners to ask contractors for proper credentials when researching construction companies. In addition, The Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation has a database of licensed contractors. Remember, even if they claim to have a license on a business card or on a company document, you should still request for registered documentation to ensure they are officially licensed. If you want to learn more about hiring the right contractor, check out our article for a breakdown of the process.

Not Checking to Make Sure Your Projects Requires Permits

Before beginning any project, it is important to check your local permit requirements. Without the proper project permits, you will be fined and required to redo the construction; additionally, any construction mistakes that may occur will lead to further costs and delays. Begin by checking your state, county, and local building permit requirements. You may also consult with your contractor on the appropriate permits to obtain for your project.

Not Having a Clear Idea of What You’re Looking For

A common problem a homeowner has when starting a project is not having a clear vision of what they want. Issues that can stem from this are increased costs of construction and delays in the construction schedule. Always have a plan and consult with your contractor on the specifications on the blueprints before construction begins. To help give you inspiration and a clearer image of your project look at different materials and pictures of completed projects. Click here to look at our gallery of completed projects!

Not Hiring a Contractor You can Trust

The final and most important consideration you need to take is the trustworthiness of the contractor. The purpose of researching for a quality contractor is to find someone to make your home beautiful. Choose the company who has the quality, integrity, and resources to finish the job. A contractor should be with you every step of the way, because this is your home and look for a company who sees it the same way. So, start the first steps of your project here!