CarbonCure: The Environmental Friendly Concrete

What is CarbonCure?

MIT, UC Hasting, Georgia Aquarium, MGM, and LinkedIn. What do all of these have in common? They all rely on a new, revolutionary mix of concrete to build their complex and sophisticated buildings. This new mix of concrete is called CarbonCure Concrete, and it is a brilliant solution to combat rising CO2 emissions! CarbonCure Concrete not only emits zero carbon into the air, but it captures and holds harmful particles in the concrete. 

Why is it Important?

Carbon is one of the most harmful gases being released into our environment and a major contributor to climate change. Unfortunately, concrete is known to be a large contributor to these emissions. Within the next three decades, experts estimate that carbon emissions from new construction will account for nearly 50% of all carbon emission.

Here at C&N Construction, we are proud to say we are following the lead of top universities and major corporations to help remedy this situation, and we want to help you do your part in helping reduce your carbon footprint while making your home look beautiful.

How Does it Compare to Normal Concrete?

Now, you may be wondering how effective is this new mix of concrete? Will it hold up as well as the traditional mix? Well, the answer is yes! The secret lies within the CO2 emissions. As the concrete is being mixed, CO2 is injected into the cement. During the hardening phase, the CO2 reacts with the cement and turns into a mineral that enhances the overall strength of the concrete. In addition, the injected carbon emissions will have no negative impact on the concrete. The texture, color, density, and durability will all remain the same as regular processed concrete. To learn more about the CarbonCure technology, check out this page for an in-depth explanation.

Our favorite benefit of CarbonCure Concrete is the permanent securing of carbon within the concrete. Even if you want to tear up or replace your concrete, no carbon will be released! This is due to the reaction of CO2 and the concrete in which the chemical compound turns from a gaseous state into a solid in the form of a mineral. This new carbon mineral mixed into the concrete will not only enhance the quality of the concrete but create a chemical bond that will never release CO2 emissions. 

Will it Stand the Test of Time?

Most concrete is susceptible to weathering carbonation which is caused by the reaction of  CO2 and H2O. Over time this causes the concrete to deteriorate. CarbonCure Concrete combats this by using the early age carbonation process. This process utilizes carbon emissions in a way that protects the concrete from deteriorating due to humidity. The use of CO2 injected in the mixing stage of the concrete will allow the solution to prevent the creation of the harmful carbon hydroxide. In addition, the final mix is overall denser. These two benefits will prevent the concrete from breaking down and cracking due to weathering because the pH levels in the mix will not drop. The CarbonCure system of mixing concrete is a brilliant solution to combat a leading cause to concrete degeneration.

What Impact Will it Have?

CarbonCure creates a stronger form for concrete, but more importantly, is a great way to sequester carbon emission out of the air. A recent study from Chicago reported that 7,500 cubic yards of concrete was laid using CarbonCure concrete for multiple projects across the city. The study found that the concrete saved the environment more than 225,000 pounds of carbon emission! This is the future of green technology. To help make your home greener and more beautiful, contact C&N Construction here for stronger and environmentally healthy concrete!