How to Hire the Right Contractor

Whether you want to waterproof your basement or lay down a new walkway, you want the job done well. Hiring the right contractor will save you time, money, and stress. However, people constantly hire contractors who don’t possess the proper skills, knowledge, and care to complete the project the way you want it. In order to find the right company, you will need to follow three main steps: searching, requesting, and deciding.

First, you want to find contractors in your area. A quick google search or browsing through Angie’s list will help you get started. Once you dive into your research, you will find many different companies in the D.C. metro area; most will be licensed but be aware, there are some of those who are not. It’s important to only hire licensed contractors. Even if you save some money with an unlicensed company the consequences can be severe. Save yourself the hassle of trying to untangle yourself from legal and financial troubles that come with unlicensed contractors. Check here for more information about the repercussions of hiring unlicensed contractors. Once you have found a few companies who fit your general requirements, look at their websites. Every reputable company will have a website with links to their specifications, credentials, referrals, and previous projects. Use their websites to help you narrow down your list of potential contractors to two or three companies.

The next phase of your selection process is requesting. Prior to getting an estimate, you should contact your short list of companies directly for their proof of license. Once this is provided, you can request an estimate to get an idea of the price and timeline to help you compare the various contractors. When you’re requesting an estimate, pay attention to their customer service, quality of communication, and level of expertise. Questions to ask yourself can include: Are they responding to my questions and concerns in a timely manner? Are they providing me with helpful suggestions for my project? Are they providing me with the proper documentation? These are questions that can help you gauge their professionalism. You want to choose a contractor who is willing and able to tailor their expertise to fit your vision. In addition to requesting an estimate, check their references, especially for larger projects. You can find trusted reviews on Washington Checkbook and Nextdoor.

The final step in hiring the correct contractor is the decision. Once you have developed your short list, researched these companies in-depth, and have received your estimates it is time to make your decision. Many people may decide solely on who can provide the lowest estimate. However, you need factor in professionalism and expertise into your final decision. The contractor you choose will not only be making a basement or a driveway, but they are making your basement and your driveway. Choose the company who will be with you from start to finish, who will carefully consider your input, and ultimately want the best for you and your home. So, begin your home improvement journey by clicking here!